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Wingu will help train your non-profit on CRM solutions such as Salesforce and CiviCRM so you can consolidate your organization's contacts and coordinate communications with donors, beneficiaries, volunteers and partner organizations.
NGO's from all around the world are using their online presence to widen their impact. Google, through their program: “Google Grants” donates advertising space for text adds, in their search engine for Non profits.
At Wingu, we work tirelessly to build websites tailored to your non-profit's needs. We strive to give you the best solution at the most affordable price, specializing in open source tools like WIX!.
An online presence is critical for publicity and communications. At Wingu, we will help you develop effective social communications so that your organization can foster as strong of a community online as you have offline.
¡Recibí tus donaciones de manera segura, simple y online! Sabemos de la importancia que tienen nuestros donantes y de la responsabilidad, respeto y agradecimiento que les debemos por la gran ayuda que nos dan.
Reliable and detailed accounting is critical for efficient planning and decision making. If your organization needs to improve its bookkeeping methods, let Wingu help by implementing and training your team on Netsuite.

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